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Welcome to The Lenci Doll Collector™ - a wealth of information for Lenci and Lenci-type cloth doll collectors.

A Rare Bird: Lenci Spanish Lady and Pierrot

A Reader's Story of two Rare Early Lenci Character dolls .

Stefanie writes....

"For a long time I shared this great homepage and learned a lot from your informative articles and the photos of the Lenci gallery. Now I want to write this letter about two dolls of mine, and I hope it is a little interesting for you too. I'm a doll collector, especially a Lenci doll collector, but I'm a German ( that's the reason for my terrible English,too) and Germany isn't a Lenci-land. It is very difficult to get a Lenci at all.

Because of this I was really surprised by an announcement of a lady who wanted to sell "two old Lencis ". I was very doubtful, but on the other hand nosy, so I decided to take a look at them. What she offered me got ahead all my expectations.

The first doll was a pierrot of the first years. He is 21" tall and has a true sad expression. He has a little moth damage to his right foot and also some nibbels at his face, but nothing serious. It was love at first side because of his colorful costume and his sad eyes.

And then I saw the second doll and - she really made me gasp! It was an early 26" tall Spanish lady-perhaps a "Carmen" and allthough she is not marked and I never saw this model before, she is doubtless a true Lenci. Her elaborate dress is complete felt, even her black mantilla. She wears a yellow stole with big flowers sewn on over her traditional red dress. Lenci Catalog 23/24
Lenci Catalog 1923/24, No 163

She holds her arms in a dancing pose, in one hand is a wooden fan with a bull fighting scene painted on it. A big blue wooden comb sticks in her hair of black felt. Also she has painted wooden earrings, a medaillon and a bracelet. On her feet she wears high heeled shoes of black leather. She also is in pretty good condition, with a little faded colors and a little rub to her nose. She has a few tiny moth holes, but most of them are at well covered places.
To cut a long story short: I bought both of them.

My research back home produced this information: The Spanish lady is a model 162 from 1924. ( This I found on Rosita Siccardi's website. I'm really sad that she passed away, and I can't ask this Lenci expert anymore). She is extremly rare - I only found three more dolls of this model. All three dolls where seated and had a closed mouth. Mine is the only one I found that is standing, and has an open mouth with painted teeth. First I thought she could sit ,too,because she has jointed hips and knees. But these are made so stiff, that she indeed can move her legs, but not sit down. She surely is ment to be standing.

While I was searching at my PC I stumbled about an interesting affinity of this doll with an actress from the silent movie period: Pola Negri.In 1918 she became famous with " Gypsy Blood" a Carmen film version. Possibly my doll resembles Pola Negri as Carmen ?! In any case she is the highlight of my little collection."
- Stefanie, Germany

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