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Welcome to The Lenci Doll Collector™ - a wealth of information for Lenci and Lenci-type cloth doll collectors.

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Dec 7, 1920 Lenci Dolls in Printemps Catalog

Dominique Pennegues drew my attention to this wonderful catalog page from Au Printemps showing the range of Lenci dolls offered from sale for Winter 1920/21. A notice on the cover of the Au Printemps toy catalog announces that the toys … Continue reading


Rare Lenci Josephine Baker Doll on Proxibid

Offered on “I Only Wanted to Wonder”, A Marquis Doll Auction Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017 | 11:00 AM Eastern Description: 18″ (46 cm.) Plumply-cheeked light brown wool felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, dark brown side-glancing painted … Continue reading


Lenci Nursery Decor

Nursery decor from the Lenci company early 1920’s Source: This is a rare illustration of a display of children’s room decor by the Lenci company of Turin. The dolls seen in the picture appear similar to those seen in the … Continue reading


Call for Canadian Lenci Collectors

If you are a Lenci doll collector from Canada you may be interested in the following notification. from Sherri Gropp, Assistant Curator at Castle Kilbride National Historic Site in Baden, Ontario. For further details please contact Sherri directly I am … Continue reading


Pretty 1925 Lenci Doll

This pretty early 110 series Lenci doll first appeared in the Ultime Novita catalog for early 1925. Later she featured in a 1928 French toy advert as seen below. The doll pictured above is currently for sale at


Lenci "Sam" Sold at Auction for $19,000

The Candy Spelling Doll Auction results are online now and Lenci collectors will be interested in the closing prices,especially for the rarely seen Lenci characters. The highest price in the Lenci category went to the later model Lenci character Sam … Continue reading


Auction Results: The Candy Spelling Collection Lenci Dolls

Below are the auction results of the entire selection of Lenci auction results – the Lenci Sam black boudior doll fetched $19,000 and the Lenci Josephine Baker went for $11,000. Italian Glass-Eyed Googly, “Fobello”, by Lenci 1800/2500 Lot # 23 … Continue reading


Lenci Felt Wall Hangings

Reader Judy's shares pictures of rare Lenci felt wall art
- Click Here for the Details in the blog

Candy & Aaron Spelling Collection Lenci Dolls up for Auction

- Click Here for the Details in our new blog

Rare Lenci Spanish Lady for sale on eBay

- Click Here to See the Details

Lenci Restoration: The Lenci Snake Charmer of 1925

Restoring a Lenci doll requires a mixture of art and science and a level of skill and patience beyond the ordinary, Diane Mardis recently completed a restoration project that would be daunting to even the most experienced doll restorer. ... read the article

Tips for Selling your Lenci Doll

- June 2011 (Italiano)

If you are considering selling your Lenci doll online here are some handy tips .... read the article

Buying Lenci Dolls at Auction

- June 2011 (Italiano)

If you are planning to buy a Lenci doll on eBay it helps to familiarize yourself with the going rates for the type of doll you are interested in buying or selling... read the article

Online Resource for Old Lenci Catalogs and Archive Pictures

You can browse some rare Lenci catalog pages and documents from the old Lenci factory Click here to view old Lenci catalog pages and photos at, the pages are in italian, but the pictures are great, click on the word "Vedi" next to each picture to see the full size view.

Video : Lenci's Turin - La Torino di Lenci

by Pier Luigi Bassignana e Elena Romagnolo

A video from in italian about the Lenci factory in Turin during the 1920's-30's. Since its foundation in 1919 by Elena and her husband Enrico Konig Scavini, until the sale in 1937, the story of a company and its place in art and industry. Rare footage and pictures.
Watch the video (video, 9:57:00 duration)

La Torino di Lenci

ideato da Pier Luigi Bassignana e Elena Romagnolo.
Il percorso racconta l'avventura della fabbrica Lenci nella Torino industriale degli anni Venti e Trenta del Nocento. Dalla fondazione nel 1919 ad opera di Elena Konig e del marito Enrico Scavini, fino alla cessione nel 1937, la storia di un'azienda e della sua produzione tra arte e industria. Per consultare il percorso: Narrazione multimediale (Video, durata 9:57:00)


Watch More Archival Videos at:

Lenci Balilla from 1940's Italy

June 2011

Mike sent in this picture of this rare Balilla model Lenci boy that has been in his family for 3 generations. Says Mike "The only thing that I know about it was that my great uncle came back from Italy after WW2 and gave the doll to my dad when he was probably two or three. I had read where that factory was bombed during the war , but I can not be sure of that. That’s all we really know about it."

Mike's lenci doll is interesting for its direct provenance to the 1940s when his great uncle acquired it in Italy. The Lenci factory had indeed been bombed during the war. Fortunately the precious molds for pressing the felt faces were preserved however the technique of creating the famous Lenci doll faces was fading. After the war things had changed and the technique of molding the faces was all but lost. Now after the war a new generation of workers producing the famous Lenci dolls depended upon the remaining pre war stock of pre pressed molded blank faces that remained unused since before the war - until stocks ran out. Lenci Collectors will notice a slight change in the painting style of the faces that can be seen in the post-war Lenci dolls.

The Lenci Balilla above dates to Facist era of pre war Italy so it was very likely made before WW2. The first Lenci Balilla doll appeared in the 1929 catalog as a 300 series doll. This small 10.5 inch model Balila dates to the 1933 catalog when it was recorded a series 70. For more about the Lenci Balilla see this article on The Lenci Balilla

Original Ars Lenci Childs Coat for Sale

June 2011

Fabio Venturoli of Antichità Barberia company in Italy offers an original Ars Lenci Childs coat for sale. Writes Fabio "I would like to offer this coat in Lenci cloth in excellent condition as you can see from the photo.I think it is a truly rare piece of special interest to collectors. If you are interested you can contact us with also more photography details."

His contact email is

Video: Interviste a Giovanna Demeglio (antiquaria e restauratrice di bambole) e Ivana Calvetto (modellista della Lenci)

.Per l'evento del 07/03 2010 nell'ambito della rassegna Le Domeniche dell'Ecomuseo, dedicato alle bambole Lenci.

A Reader's Story: Early Lenci Spanish Lady and Pierrot

Rare early Lenci character dolls.

. Stefanie writes....

"for a long time I shared this great homepage and learned a lot from your informative articles and the photos of the Lenci gallery. Now I want to write this letter about two dolls of mine, and I hope it is a little interesting for you too. I'm a doll collector , especially a Lenci doll collector, but I'm a German (that' the reason for my terrible English,too) and Germany isn't a Lenci-land. It is very difficult to get a Lenci at all.

Because of this I was really surprised by an announcement of a Lady, who wanted to sell" two old Lencis ".I was very doubtful, but on the other hand nosy,so I decided to take a look at them.
....Read the article >>

Is this Mussolini's Lenci Doll?

A Lenci doll with a unique history.

Edward Petersen from State College, PA shares his story of a very unique Lenci doll.

"The doll was sent to my wife by her Uncle when she was a small child during the Second World War.

The doll was found in a villa that belonged to Mussolini during the Second World War. It is 24 inches tall and is dressed as an Italian peasant girl. "

"The doll has all the original face paint and is in fine condition. She has on a two piece dress brocade dress with flower print. The dress is partially lined and she has multiple layers of undergarments. She is wearing a black felt apron over the dress and she has stocking which are probably knit cotton. Her hair feels like it is real and is brown or auburn in color and is put up in a bun. The doll has leather shoes. I have been told that the doll is a Lenci doll dating around the mid 1930's and that the name of the doll is probably GHERDA...

"There is documentation that indicates the doll was recovered from Benito Mussolini’s villa or castle near Gargnano Italy in May of 1945 by my wife’s Uncle, a member of Company “K” of the 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment. This coincides with military history that Company “K” of the 85th Mountain Infantry seized a Mussolini’s villa in that area and on April 30, 1945 its Headquarters and members of company K were housed in that villa until the end of the war. That villa the was the Villa Feltrinelli which was Mussolini family residence for the last two years of the Second World War."

Credit: Article photos and text © Edward Petersen, email: iasilverdale @

A Mysterious Indian Lenci

A brief history of an unusual discovery

Imagine an ancient and important building of a city in northern Italy. In the attic of this building there is a chest covered with dust. One day, a few years ago, this trunk was found and opened after so many years ... Between the old toys in the trunk peeps an unusual puppet depicting an Indian, put there and forgotten for nearly a century ago by a child, who was too big to play with.

But not everything is taken for granted for this Indian: soon would left for a new city, welcomed by a new family that, had never seen anything like it, would be very curious about its origin.

So, that a few days after the discovery of the trunk, came to our house the “mysterious Indian", as soon nicknamed him for his difficult identification.

However, I have always believed that Lenci dolls be recognized first of all for something that they have in the eyes and then, later, for all the features described in the books. And the look of this Indian is really unusual, but at the same time attractive enough to remember some characteristic figures of the company Lenci in the first period.

His face seems carved in stone, but his bright eyes and sharp, as if they would pierce the eyes of his interlocutor.  The large mouth has a lower lip slightly pink than the upper lip and is portrayed in a mocking smile.

Are not common even his height: is 49 cm high (19 in) and body fat but at the same time imposing, with a black sun painted on his chest. Her hair are raven blacks and gathered in two long braids, has earrings and a necklace made with glass beads. The hands, according to the first tradition of the production Lenci, are all united in the blade.

According to some publications, the Lenci company had manufactured in the '20s, than the early dolls also very rudimentary, figures such as cowboy ethnic, oriental and even among these Native Americans, as we see from the photo catalog of the Firm in 1923 (with number 105), inspired by fashion of the time and from the period lived from  Madame Lenci in a international circus

Lenci Catalog of 1923

The picture of the old catalog shows an Indian with bow and arrows and a colorful headgear, but the endless stories that he lived justify today the absence of these, and finally a well deserved rest in our living room.

Clizia Turchi


Lenci Dolls by Dorothy S.Coleman Hobby House Press 1977

Lenci  The History and the Dolls by Nancy Lazenby  - Reverie Publishing Company 2007

The Indian comes from a private collection

Photos: © Clizia Turchi All rights reserved

Visit our sister site at
Lenci Auctions

A Rare Lenci Baby of 1924

A member recently posted a question in the identification section asking the common question "Is my doll a Lenci?" It turns out to be a rare early Lenci Anili baby model 164 A.

...Read the story and see more pictures including rare catalog pictures.

Rosita Siccardi

We are saddened by the loss of esteemed doll expert & friend Dr. Rosita Siccardi on Dec 21. 2009 Rosita has always been a great help to doll collectors, always ready to share her unique knowledge and expertise on antique dolls especially Lenci dolls. Her passing is a great loss to the doll collecting world.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Domenico and family.

Siamo addolorati per la perdita di esperti bambola e amico stimato >Dr. Rosita Siccardi il 21 Dicembre 2009. Rosita è sempre stato un grande aiuto per i collezionisti bambola, sempre pronta a condividere la sua conoscenza e competenza sulle bambole antiche soprattutto bambole Lenci. La sua scomparsa è una grande perdita per i raccoglitori di bambole. I nostri pensieri e preghiere sono con il marito Domenico e famiglia

Two Early Lenci Dolls

(Italiano: Due antiche bambole Lenci)
Author: Clizia Turchi

Two Early Lenci DollsThe story of two old dolls manufactured by the Lenci company nearly 100 years ago.

1918 Motoy comedies, stop motion with Steiff dolls.

Watch Video:

Le lenci della collezione di Grazia Caiani 1919 - 1940
In programma dal 13 dicembre 2007 fino al 15 febbraio 2008 alla Sala Santa Rita di Roma la mostra "Nei panni di una bambola", una selezione di circa 60 esemplari di bambole riunite sotto il marchio Lenci - provenienti da una più ampia collezione privata che raccoglie oltre 200 pezzi dal 1874 agli anni Sessanta.[Vedi: Grazia Caiani collection 1919-1940

Door from the Lenci Company in Turin

Edith gets ready for her big adventure!

The Making of Edith By R John Wright

Production photos of R. John Wright's Edith, The Lonely Doll® as she gets ready to depart on the big journey to her new homes.
...Click here to see the pictures

Shipping from Apr 7th 2008

Seen on eBay

A preparatory sketch for a Lenci ceramic piece "La Moglie del Soldato" ( the soldiers wife), by Elena Scavini, ref “Le ceramiche di Lenci” di Alfonso Panzetta pag. 221 “Lenci ceramiche da collezione”, Luciano Proverbio pag. 272 :

Old article “La fucina della gioa infantile. Una visita alla fabbrica delle bambole Lenci.”

Old article in Italian from the publication Patria, describing a visit to the Lenci factory with pictures of the dolls and the Lenci shop. The dolls shown in the pictures are from the the 1926 catalog so this article probably dates to 1926; Patria. C.F.A. “La fucina della gioa infantile. Una visita alla fabbrica delle bambole Lenci.”

Click here to view >>

Search page may be accessed at:
Enter the word “Lenci” ( or “Patria” to see other old pages in Italian )

The original Lenci Patent

The original Lenci 1921 patent in the US patent archives
- the link takes you  to the search results page for Patent No. 1,389,905, Issue Date September 6, 1921, filed by E Scavini in 1919.
On results page, click on the "Images" button to see the images of the original patent application filed by Enrico Scavini, the husband of Elena Scavini known as "Madame Lenci", the creator of the Lenci dolls.

Detail: An original B/W picture of Madame Lenci from the book Lenci Dolls, by Nancy Lazenby, colorized by Patricia.

...Click here to access the patent page >>

Lenci Characters : The Circus

Oct 9th 2007 Lenci characters: The Circus

The Destiny of “Una bambola e altre creazioni”

A Brief Lenci History by Rosita Siccardi
(Italiano: Destino di “Una bambola e altre creazioni”)

Sept 16th 2007

Feature Interview: R. John Wright talks about his latest creation, Edith, The Lonely Doll®

Edith By R John Wright

The genius of R. John Wright, in homage to Lenci tradition, brings us a fitting tribute to the legacy of Dare Wright for this, the 50th anniversary year of the publication of The Lonely Doll ®. the interview

Sept 15th 2007


The wait is over !
R. John Wright's latest creation Edith, The Lonely Doll ® is unveiled in magnificent detail on the official web site at :

Aug/Sept, 2007

Edith inspired Knitting Pattern for 22" Lenci doll

More details...

Aug, 2007

Photoshop, Forensics and Fairytales

Photoshop, Forensics and Fairytales

Historical Context: Part 1, The Lenci Balilla

Historical Context: Part 1, The Lenci Balilla

Jul 1, 2007

News Flash: Nancy Lazenby's new book Lenci: The History and the Dolls is now shipping

Nancy's fabulous book Lenci: The History and the Dolls arrived in the mail yesterday. Once I opened it I couldn't put it down till the last page. Our congratulations to Nancy on her accomplishment! It is a major milestone for doll collectors.

This is everything Nancy promised in her recent interview and more! The research into early company history is fascinating, with never before seen early photos, the young Elena Scavini (Madame Lenci) looking every bit as pretty as a boudoir doll herself. Gorgeous photos, such fine examples ! - dolls I had only seen in catalogs and had been wondering about for ages, a definitive guide for Lenci collectors - a book to treasure!! - Patricia Hayes

June 2007


'ZIZI'by HELEN KÖNIG SCAVINI. polychrome pottery with black enamel marks Lenci MADE IN ITALY TORINO, 15in. (38cm.) high

Read more about Lenci ceramics

Lenci dolls faces morphing video by Patricia

May 2007

Lenci Portraits: Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

April 2007

Lenci Portraits: Mistinguett


Lenci Ceramics
Lenci Ceramics

Auction Report: François Theimer Auctions, 3-24-07

Mar 2007

Celebrity Favorites: Josephine Baker

Feb 2007

Reader's Story: A Rare Find

Lenci cupid

Reader Sharon shares the story of her rare Lenci Cupid dolls.

Jan 16, 2007

Special Feature: Nancy Lazenby Interview

Nancy talks about her forthcoming book on Lenci Dolls.

New Book from Nancy Lazenby Buy it on

Jan 1, 2007

Lenci Characters: Commedia Dell' Arte

Dec 2006 Lenci charcters

Dec 2006

Reader's Story: A Beautiful Lady Returns Home, by Mike Jordan

The Lenci Lady doll

Special Feature: R. John Wright Interview

Special Feature: R. John Wright  Interview
R. John Wright


...Read past articles.







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Lenci Boudoir Doll with a Kitty on her shoulder 26
Lenci Boudoir Doll with a Kitty on her shoulder 26" long a very pretty
RARE Early #300 LENCI Dutch Boy Doll 17
RARE Early #300 LENCI Dutch Boy Doll 17"
Lenci Asian Woman Geisha Girl Large
Lenci Asian Woman Geisha Girl Large
Rare Early C1920-22 Unusual Male Lenci Doll with Metal Button in Ear Paper Tag
Rare Early C1920-22 Unusual Male Lenci Doll with Metal Button in Ear Paper Tag
Rare Vintage Lenci 15
Rare Vintage Lenci 15" Boy Mountain Climber with Walking Stick Smoking Pipe
1920's signed 18” Lenci Child Doll like in famous book photo
1920's signed 18” Lenci Child Doll like in famous book photo
10" Lenci Doll Pristine Condition 360/70 Nice organdy dress with collar Correct
Vintage Rare Lenci Doll Pull Toy ca1920
Vintage Rare Lenci Doll Pull Toy ca1920
Extremely Rare, 1924 antique LENCI miniature BOUDOIR doll,
Extremely Rare, 1924 antique LENCI miniature BOUDOIR doll, "Colombina" (RP) XLNT
Antique Lenci Cloth Boudoir Bed Doll c1920
Antique Lenci Cloth Boudoir Bed Doll c1920
RARE antique, early 1921, LENCI jtd. felt, Oriental opium smoker character doll
RARE antique, early 1921, LENCI jtd. felt, Oriental opium smoker character doll



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